Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June... Already?

Okay, to keep this simple...we
bought a home
sold our property
got rid of a ton of wall paper
finished school for the school year
got rid of more wall paper
unpacked more
painted some more
and I kinda feel like things are turning normal again...kinda.
Our house is a home now.  We have a schedule again.  And
I can take a moment to catch up on what family and friends
have been up to.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas fun

I know, I know this is not the best picture quality

but it's the only one I have. Santa came to our house, sad thing was

A was at basketball practice.

Good thing B filled Santa in on what A wanted ...

what a nice thing to do

Bodee's Christmas Concert
Yes he is having a grand time dancing and singing...
"Jingle Bells"
(i think that action goes with the HEY at the end of the song)

Monday, November 14, 2011

more of what we have been up to...

Halloween, what a scary bunch...

and a broken arm... she has to be the first to do everything right?

more of what we have been up to


Yes, my new toy...

Really 9? wow

and more of what we have been up to

hiking to the rocks of sharon playing with Dozer g-ma and g-pa's new puppy

Riverfront park

more of what we have been up to

Fishing, my catch...
camping with nana. scout raingutter regatta races

Fishing... one of J's

Monster truck show!

what we have been up to since July

Back to school. (note: these aren't in any specific order...

sorry i'm just not that organized right now)

Family Reunion, tubing down the salmon river. COLD but so fun

cub camp, since I was a den leader I had the opportunity to go to day camp again.

It was such a blast - This is A shooting here.