Saturday, August 14, 2010

what is there something wrong?

Carli loves to do things like her big brothers! This is B's dress up outfit, Looks like she wants to go bug hunting too! Man I just love this guy. He brings such joy and fun into our home! He reminds me of the boys sometimes. I love it when he gets down on the floor with the kids and becomes one of them. I've never been very good at becoming and acting like a kid. Someone has to be the adult! Just after this pict was taken he was teasing me and trying to convince me that he put a bigger lift on my Jeep. I kept asking if he really did and he would reply with some silly justification of why it had to be done. The boys thought it was so funny! Did he? you ask... nope... such a tease! Even with the way he dresses! I did convince him that he should change his boots cause I thought it looked silly to wear boots and shorts. Perfectly ok for a little boy but a big boy? hmm ... you tell me

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

bugs... and beans

This is my latest picking from my garden. They are Royal Burgundy beans. When boiled in water they turn green which is kinda sad because they are so beautiful in this rich purple color. And this is Avery's new hobby. Nana got him a bug vaccume! This is his first bug, it is a Ten-lined June beetle or Watermelon Beetle. He started a bug journal to keep track of all the bugs he catches. Fun times in my home!

Just a quick note to all who are wondering, yes I'm feeling much better. It willl take a while to get my strength back and what not but thus far all is well. Thanks for all the prayers!