Tuesday, May 10, 2011


B loves the new movie Tron. He loves it so much that he has been talking about Halloween and that he wants to be Sam from the movie. He'll talk about how he wants his costume to look and what he wants it made of... Yesterday he became tired of "waiting" for me to make it and he created one all on his own. Today I wouldn't let him wear it to school and instead he could put it on and that we'd take pictures so he could share the pictures.

There is a note that comes with these pictures from B, he wants to tell you that he still needs to add the light strips to the black clothing so they aren't finished yet. Just so you know.

Man I love this boy!


Yeah, i totally have no idea where my camera went to after the whole Easter thing was done... but luckily others got some family photos... The matching outfits, yes, that tradition comes from my side and if I remember correctly, I loved it (Mom might remember differently) still do love it, the boys...hmmm... not so much.

The year I remember most is when my younger sister and I had dresses made from the same material but they were different patterns. Purple with white hearts. The dress was perfect for twirling. Twirling was the true test of a dress.

So sisters, what do you remember about Easter outfits? Did you like them? Do you have a favorite? Any other memories about Easter? I am curious ...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

hmmm this looks familiar

I seem to remember some pictures of us as kids on Dad's old red tractor that look very much like this one... Fun memories and a side note, C did not want to get off (though I can't blame her) that tractor was fun to play with.