Monday, November 14, 2011

more of what we have been up to...

Halloween, what a scary bunch...

and a broken arm... she has to be the first to do everything right?

more of what we have been up to


Yes, my new toy...

Really 9? wow

and more of what we have been up to

hiking to the rocks of sharon playing with Dozer g-ma and g-pa's new puppy

Riverfront park

more of what we have been up to

Fishing, my catch...
camping with nana. scout raingutter regatta races

Fishing... one of J's

Monster truck show!

what we have been up to since July

Back to school. (note: these aren't in any specific order...

sorry i'm just not that organized right now)

Family Reunion, tubing down the salmon river. COLD but so fun

cub camp, since I was a den leader I had the opportunity to go to day camp again.

It was such a blast - This is A shooting here.

what we have been up to since July...

Air show, the kiddos loved these airplanes.

Helicopter Ride, did I go, um no... but the kids and J man loved it.

The pilot is a friend of ours.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Found a spider down at the shop... it was big (just bigger than a quarter) but the body was so strange and round... and I'd never seen one like this before... and of course the kids wanted to keep it. So we put it in a jar and it couldn't hardly walk with such a huge body!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


B loves the new movie Tron. He loves it so much that he has been talking about Halloween and that he wants to be Sam from the movie. He'll talk about how he wants his costume to look and what he wants it made of... Yesterday he became tired of "waiting" for me to make it and he created one all on his own. Today I wouldn't let him wear it to school and instead he could put it on and that we'd take pictures so he could share the pictures.

There is a note that comes with these pictures from B, he wants to tell you that he still needs to add the light strips to the black clothing so they aren't finished yet. Just so you know.

Man I love this boy!


Yeah, i totally have no idea where my camera went to after the whole Easter thing was done... but luckily others got some family photos... The matching outfits, yes, that tradition comes from my side and if I remember correctly, I loved it (Mom might remember differently) still do love it, the boys...hmmm... not so much.

The year I remember most is when my younger sister and I had dresses made from the same material but they were different patterns. Purple with white hearts. The dress was perfect for twirling. Twirling was the true test of a dress.

So sisters, what do you remember about Easter outfits? Did you like them? Do you have a favorite? Any other memories about Easter? I am curious ...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

hmmm this looks familiar

I seem to remember some pictures of us as kids on Dad's old red tractor that look very much like this one... Fun memories and a side note, C did not want to get off (though I can't blame her) that tractor was fun to play with.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

what we've been up to

Reading... this is C's favorite book. Pinkalicious!

If you haven't read this book yet, you must. It is supper cute.
Baking...This is a dark wheat bread similar in taste to the bread you get at Outback. I let it "proof" in my brotform, the basket you see at the top of the picture. mmmm I love bread!

Movie time!
Tree climbing... need I say more

Jump, jump, jump

Please throw the ball... it's at my feet thus you can't see it.

Derby time!

Science with Pa-J

Birthday Boy

sweet C

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I know pictures are more fun

Yes, it has been a while since I've posted anything.
Let's see, A is in his 2nd season of Y basketball. He LOVES basketball! It is such a blast to go and watch him play. Not such a blast to wrestle C during the game but J-man and I take turns, I get a quarter he gets a quarter. Works great!
B is learning to read. I have a book called "Teach your child to read in 100 east lessons" love love love this book. They are quick and easy lessons and he is doing so well. B is a little sad today because he and his best friend K were supposed to have a play day but because of sickness it had to be canceled ... bummer.
C is growing way to quick. She is a climber now and her favorite place to climb is the kitchen table and now that she can pull chairs out on her own... the table is all hers. Any thing on the table is free for the taking or that's what she thinks.
And with these three busy kids running around all day, what do I after them of course. No better purpose than that!
J-man and I have been busy with work too, even though it's winter and the roofing is slower the office work isn't. Taxes and paper work never cease!
I know, I know pictures make it more fun to visit blogs right? I totally agree, and being as I don't have any pictures (of my cute kids or family or the fun things we've been up to) on this little notebook I've been using (since our computer stopped working) I thought I'd share some other pictures of things I like.

Feel free to oooh and aaah!
love these shoes

thanks for visiting ... come again and have a great day (or night)!