Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter, Bo's Birthday and such

So this is a little out of order but we'll start with Easter. What fun, to have General Conf. and Easter in the same weekend. Such a treat. We had a nice quite day and then had all the grandparents over for an Easter dinner. This is what jer and the dogs did durning the egg hunt...

Sweet girl, finding eggs!

Carli got out of the hospital on B's birthday and he knew it was his birthday and we didn't want to make him feel bad so we put together a wonderful party, suprised him with a house full of decorations, and an Indiana Jones cake. Here he is cutting his cake with a play knife he got in an army guy dress up kit. He did a pretty good job too!

J and B-

Nana got a wonderful card for B. You open it and it plays the indiana jones theme... yeah that was his favorite gift. A CARD! so simple
and you ask... do we still hear that card every day, um yeah. Funny thing is that Carli will clap every time she hears it now too.

What happens when Nana takes the boys...

So Nana took the boys so I could get a nap in today. With all that Carli has going on I haven't slept much. And guess what happened just as Nana was driving away with the boys... yes, that's right my bright eyed girl woke up from her nap. Time to eat!