Thursday, March 18, 2010

More of the Pinewood winner!

Yup, our little first timer got first place and is on his way to districts. Good job Ave!

Yeah For the Pinewood Derby

An assortment of photos showing Ave working on his car for the pinewood derby. (not in any order what so ever)

Ave took part in the Pinewood Derby tonight. What a blast! This was my first time attending this type of event. All of the kids worked so hard on their cars and they had so much fun. I was so very proud of all the boys in my den. It was neat to see them cheering each other on too. Kids are great.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carli, our almost walker!

Here is Carli with her walker.

just for fun

The kids in Avery's grade did a Presidents Wax Museum at school. They were all assigned different Presidents and they had to write and memorize 6 or so sentences about their President . Then on the day of the event they dressed like the president and sat very still in a chair till some one came up and pushed a "button"(round sticker) on the back of their hand then they would come to life and tell you about "themselves" (like they were the actual president). Avery had Theodore Rosevelt. All of the kids did so well and it was so cool to hear what the kids thought of the presidents. This is Averys speech. Ignore the kid in the background.


OK, for the longest time (the last 10 years) I've wanted to make amazing, yummy cinnamon rolls and I had a list of qualities that these cinnamon rolls would have. For example: tons of gooey caramel filling (my problem was it kept falling out the bottom or would soak into the dough), the dough has to be a little doughy like cinnabon but a hint of bready texture like my mom's (so hard to do), light brown color on top with a yummy cream cheese frosting and lastly they still have to taste good the next day. For the last 10 years I have tried and tried to get them just right but they would always flop in one way or another. It usually was that the dough wouldn't be just right. Well tonight, after 10 years, I have mastered the cinnamon roll. I am just soooooooo excited. I think half of it was getting the baking time correct. So now I am left with two cookie sheets of cinnamon rolls, any one up for breakfast? yeah - so good I ate two.