Sunday, November 23, 2008

holding Carli

Nov 21st was the first time i got to hold Carli. They call it Kangaroo care. It was the most wonderful time! I got to hold her for a whole hour! Sorry you can't see her very well she was just taken off the ventilator and put on a CPAP it looks scary but really she is doing much better and breathing on her own. The CPAP just gives her "possitive pressure air flow" or something along those lines. That night she weighed 2lbs 3oz. and she is now 14 inches long.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Carli's eyes

Just ignore my silly talking! And she isn't really

this chubby, she just had a lot of water retention.

fun at the finch

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From the mind of Avery

So, G-ma Donna was telling Avery about a story she read in the paper of a dentist that was paying children for their "extra" candy ($1 per pound). And Avery replied "Grandma i really don't think we have any extra candy. We just have enough to last one year. We can put it in the freezer and eat it in the winter, and in the spring"
I heard that and thought to myself "hum... do I talk about food storage too much with or around him?"

Monday, November 3, 2008


Ave and Bo on their way Halloween night. Jeremy and Gpa Don took them around the neighborhood while mommy sat on the couch and Gma Donna handed out the candy! Ave is a ninja and Bo is a race car driver!

Carli opened her eyes!

So Carli's eyes have been closed since she was born. Yesterday after church we went to visit her and while I was helping the nurse with her care time (diaper change etc) she opened both of her eyes. It was so sweet! At first they opened just a little, then more and more. Some times after opening them she would make a cute grumpy face like it was just too bright. When she opened her eyes you could also see her long blond eyelashes. so sweet!

Just minutes old

Here's Carli just a few minutes old, the Docs were still putting my innerds back together and such. I like this pict cause is gives you an idea of her size compared to my hand, I promise we'll get some better ones. My Mom's blog (Mom and Dad on the side bar) has some more well rounded picts of my time in the hospital too if you want to check those out.

so sad to be home?

Ok so the thought of going home sounded great at first till it hit me that I wouldn't get to bring Carli home for another 3 months or so. That totally sucks. I just cried and cried!
So I am leaving the baby counter up because they keep telling me that, that will be about the time she gets to come home if all goes well.
Carli is doing well, she had a blood transfusion yesterday because her little body can't produce red blood cells quick enough to make up for the blood they draw for her daily blood tests. The nurse said she was very spunky after the transfusion and when we went up after that her coloring looked better too.