Friday, April 17, 2009

march, what happened to march?

Um... i'm not sure where march went. What did we ever do?
My rockin sisters threw Carli a baby shower, it was so fun to see so many friends!
Carli had 6 dr apts, yikes!
Bodee turned the big 3! he had a batman cake (made by mommy) and a small party with family.
We all got colds, yuck! and I thought i was supper mom, immune to things like that, he he he!
Ave had parent teacher conf. He's doing so well. He is still my biggest helper around the house and usually he is really willing, especially if it has to do with Carli. He just loves her, and she him. She gives him the best smiles.
so that was ou march in a nut shell...

Do you remember?

This was Carli's first time to go to church. Thanks to Nana, Carli has been able to stay home durring this really bad rsv season. I think she likes her dress. She gave me a big smile when i put it over her head! So you can't tell very well but their shirts and carli's dress are made of orange gingham. love it

So one of my favorite memories of easter when i was growing up was the matching easter dresses mom would make. We have picts of them, green and purple etc... i'm sure many of you can relate... some like it and some don't. Me i love it, i don't do matching christmas... just easter. As for Jeremy on the other hand, he is one that doesn't like to match (anyone), but for me just this one day he tried! what a guy!