Sunday, April 27, 2008

and the race is on...

Gpa Campbell

So I don't know which of my siblings remembers this or if it is just me. This is the perfect example of how you are supposed to eat Fudge Stripe Cookies. You have to have your finger in the middle and eat around the cookie, just try not to break it. I remember Grandpa teaching me this and of course i teach the boys the same thing. Yum!

Of course there is one other acceptable way to eat fudge stripe cookies, thanks to my sis, put a toasted marshmallow right in the middle of two. The perfect Smore!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bodee and Davis' 2nd birthday
the cake, you can't tell from the picture but it is a 9 inch bottom and a 6 inch top.
While it was sitting on the table the two little boys just had to play with the trains that went around it, thus you can see that thomas (the blue train for those that don't follow the trian thing) has frosting on his back bumper. some of the trees that went around the cake were chopped down and eaten by Davis and Bodee. They sure had fun doing it!

here is Bodee with his motorcycle gear on. Yes, it was from Daddy not Mommy!
I don't ever remember it snowing so late in the season. This picture is the day after Bodee's birthday (sunday march30). The day before there was no snow in our backyard.

Easter Sunday, I know I know, matching ties what was i thinking!
"hum... i wish i could find one for Jeremy too!"