Saturday, February 14, 2009

For Aunti Mindy - this was the best smile i could get, and yes Bo had to be in the picture. he he
Thanks for the cute quilt from Gma Freedman. The little foot prints on the quilt are the same size as carli's.

I feel very busy but at the end of the day i think to my self what did I do... i'm not sure! So it has been just over two weeks since Carli came home an life is a little crazy at times. But thanks to wonderful family and friends we are surviving. Thanks to mom who knows how to work the apnea monitor and care for Carli I have been able step out and get away a couple of times which was so wonderful.

Ave colored some pictures for carli to look at when she is in her bed. One is a pict of Ave, Bo and Carli (not a baby carli of course) wearing cowboy hats, shirts, jeans and boots walkin in the mud and another is of him and carli on a horse going for a ride! so cute

Bo is just a boy... that should explain everything.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

After 3 months...

Carli came home on Thursday the 29th. We are so excited she is home. Ave and Bo are such BIG helpers. They run in and check on her when she fusses to make sure she's ok. Ave likes to pick out her outfits and Bo wants to hold her all the time. The last few nights Ave told her bed time stories with stuffed animals, he even did different voices for the different animals.
She came home on an apnea monitor which is actually a relief to me, if she wasn't on the monitor i don't think i could sleep or get anything done.
I just love this pict of Ave and Carli. He's such a great big brother!