Monday, January 12, 2009

Home already?

So Carli is doing so well. She is 4lbs 11 oz and now she is eating all of her full feeds through a bottle, and today she pulled her feeding tube out so they aren't going to put it back in. Yippie and to top it off she isn't on the canula either ( the little nose oxygen thing). She got to go to the Intermediate NICU too. this pict was taken on the 4th. You can see how her legs, arms and tummy are getting fuller, i was going to write chunky but they aren't quite there yet.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Surgery

Carli had another eye surgery today. We'll find out how it went in the weeks to come. she is doing well right now. Last night she was 4 1/2 pounds and this morning when I went to see her before surgery she looked soooo big! She has really grown.
School is closed today because of snow on the roof of the school. Ave said there was a leak and water damage in the gym yesterday. No school days are so fun!