Thursday, July 16, 2009

What happened to this blog?

July is almost over and there may be those that are wondering what happened to our forgotten blog, well we've been busy both with fun and not so fun activities the last couple months. We wont bore you with the not so fun things and just show you the fun ones.

to start: Our friends the Jones family invited us up to their family cabin for the Memorial weekend (SO FUN) the water was cold but that didn't stop the kids from swimming. While we were up there we went to a museum that had cars and airplanes in it. As we were walking around we stopped to look at these military uniforms, and we happened to notice that one of the name tags read "Tassie" which is Jeremy's great-uncles last name and since he lives just down the road from the museum we thought it might be his tag. After speaking to a worker at the museum we found out that it was his uniform not just his tag and that he volunteers at the museum. Fancy that!
The boys spent lots of time in the water! and lots of time getting into water fights! some of which leaked through the back door and into the kitchen!

At the end of the school year they had a farm day (remember this is a farm school), and the dad and grandpa of one of the boys brought some huge farm equipment for the kids to climb up in and play on. This is Ave all decked out in his boots and hat.

And of course Bo had to join in! You can't see it in this small picture but he has a smile from ear to ear on his face!

We enjoyed 7 weeks of baseball which Ave just loved. Catcher was his favorite position to play. I was just amazed at all the kids on his team. They could all hit so well and their throwing wasn't too bad either.

Last week Disney had a train in town to advertise for a movie "A Christmas Carol." On the train they showed how the movie was made and at the end you could morph your face into one of the characters faces (so neat). The boys loved it. Then they were showing a 15 minute clip from the finished movie. Bo and i sat out on that one but Nana and Ave went in. They had 3-D glasses to wear and Ave said he jumped in a couple parts but he still wants to see it when it comes out.

This is a picture of Bo and the outside of the train.

Then that same weekend we took a one day trip to North Bend and took a ride on Thomas the train! It was so hot but we still had fun. There were many booths around the train depot that had fun things for the kids to do. This is Carli durring the train ride.

And here we are with Thomas after our ride.
This was a little open car that a small train was pushing around. It was faster than Thomas and a lot cooler too! Sad to say, they all liked this ride more than Thomas.

After eating dinner in a diner, we did a hike on Mt Sai. I think this was Jer's and my favorite part. The boys: got dirty, picked some blackberries, found great walking sticks, climbed some rocks and trees, saw a black snake, added more dirt to their existing dirt, and did a light saber fight with the walking sticks. Best of all they both slept the whole way home all 4 hours and 10 minutes! I think Carli liked it too cause she was talkin and droolin the whole way.

I just had to put this in because i was just feeding Carli dinner and she would have rather chewed on her toes than eat peaches. I would pull her foot out and give her a bite and as soon as the spoon left her mouth her leg would shoot up and in would go her toes. She is just fascinated with those toes! Neither one of the boys ever really played with their feet the way Carli does. Silly girl.

So that's the end for now. I'll try not to wait so long to make the next post.