Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Legal battle and light sabers

So I was talking to Avery tonight and I was telling him that we have a big day tomorrow and he needed to head off to bed. He asked why and I said that I needed to support Daddy in the Labor and Industries battle we are fighting tomorrow and it was important that I be there.and he asked how I supported Daddy which i explained and he said. "Oh a battle, like you fight in" "I'm gonna ask Pa J to help me make a light saber and a lazer gun and I'll go attack them with my friends!" talk about support eh!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ave's Star Wars birthday

So because I was running the party I didn't get hardly any pictures but the grandma's got more so I'll post those when i get them but of the photos i got : This is one of the two cakes, yes i said two cakes. Ave couldn't decide on which one he'd rather have so i did both (to make up for him not really having a party last year) this is R2-D2
And this is the 2nd cake i just did a round one with happy birthday written on top then he wanted to put the action figures on the cake like they were fighting because the way i had them "wasn't very good" lol then he stuck all their guns around the cake. I'm glad he got into it and when he told his friends that he put them on top they all thought that was cool!

We did a rain gutter regatta boat race. Ave and I delivered all the invitations with a boat for the kids to race (they were all very excited to race their boats) and some of the parents even stayed just to watch the races. Then we had lunch and everyone put on their Padawan (Jedi in training) uniforms and the Jedi master (me lol) taught them the Jedi creed, some Jedi moves with their light sabers and showed them how to go through the training obstacle course. The obstacle course was so fun. They crossed hot lava on some floating stones and crawled under tree roots, threw Gungan water bombs at Ventress, Count Duku, Darth Vader, Darth Mol and a number of bad droids, rolled under some more obstacle and drew out their light sabers to disable some traps in the trees, then climbed up the ladder to ring some bells then they swung through the trees on some vines and raced home. This i wish i got on video cause they all had a blast, even the shy girls loved doing this. After that we opened presents and had cake and ice cream. The the Jedi in training demolished a death star pinata with their light sabers. Just before the Jedi went home they were all made Jedi Knights and awarded certificates. Ave had a blast and i have to say, i had just as much fun if not more!

July in a nut shell or among a bunch of trees!

So we went golfing on my birthday and Jer got stuck in the trees! Every time he tried to get out he hit another tree. 3rd time was a charm though! I think this was the most enjoyable part (for me anyway)! Shade and a good chuckle, though I had my fair share of mishaps and bad swings, they just didn't get caught on video!