Thursday, September 11, 2008

she is flexable

I got a kick out of this pict, it just looks painful. She was moving a ton during the ultrasound and when I saw this it was hard to stop laughing.

Can Ultrasounds be wrong?

Ok, so I know I just put a post on that we were having a boy but that is truely what we thought up until today. So here's the scoop- Aug 15th our last Dr apt we had an ultrasound because I had been bleeding so much. The Dr told us it was a boy, (oh and that everything was ok) the pict we saw looked like a boy and were we suprised at all? No, cause we don't get girls in my family. My folks have 11 grandsons and zip for little girls and Jer's side just has boys too, even the cousins just have boys. So girls just don't happen. Well today we went in again, another ultrasound (cause I'm 19 wks along) and the gal doing the ultrasound asks if we want to know the sex of the baby so we explained that we already know it is a boy because of past ultrasounds and she kindly informed us they(the ultrasounds) were wrong and it was clearly a girl. Yes, we have proof, but do I truely believe? Not fully. Not until I have a baby in my arms and can check for myself. So for now it is a girl. Next month, who knows maybe I'll go for twins!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For those that I haven't told yet, it's a boy!

First day of 1st grade fun!


This is Rozzie looking for the stick that I threw in Lake Gillette for her. Fetch- a game that is hard to quit when it comes to Roz. When I was tired i began to walk up to our cabin and I called for her "come on roz" and she just stood in the water with the stick in her mouth and stared at me. I totally had to bribe her with a treat to get her out of the lake.
Ave and the rest of the boys went for a motorcycle ride, while up in the hills, Ave took his first big wreck on his pw50. He was proud of it. This was the first real ride he has done with the training wheels and the rev limiter off. So Big!
The Cabin, need I say more.
Yes, i was actually there although there isn't one pict of me up there, i was there. My one and only trip of the summer.
Ave and cuz Ian in the lake.

Bodee loves to be outside and he loves to do what we are
doing too. What a big helper though I'm not sure the fire engine
cuts the grass too well.

If you are wondering what I did with way to much of my summer (while on bed rest) here's an idea for you. My two best friends
1-the couch
2-Louie our dog
yeah, he is totally a lap dog all 72lbs of him!

more summer fun

Takin care of the toys!
Fun times at the Baumert Reunion.
That is Jeremys maternal grandmas side for those who want to know.
I don't know who the cute girl is other than she is a distant cousin on Jeremy's side. I was left at home this weekend (yes, more bed rest).

Summer Fun!

Ken and Lisa came over for dinner so of course Ave had to challenge Ken in boxing on the wii.

Ave turned 6, yippie! This was on the way back from tripple play where we had a small last minute friend party.

Jer's friend Brian took Jer for a ride in this thing then after they landed the boys got to check it out!

This is the 4th of July. I was on bed rest again so Jer took the boys to the baseball game and after the game was over they did a fireworks show too! The boys loved it. Bo kept saying Mo Mo Mo Mo when they were all through.