Monday, June 30, 2008

The Driveway

So I know this is such a dull photo, but I am so excited about it cause it is our future driveway. Yippie! There was one there before but now it is ready for rock and that means we can start the house!

So i know another dull photo. Jer and his dad put the gate in a few weeks ago so that we wouldn't have anyone driving on the new driveway and messing it up. We had the driveway smoothed out once before and a week later it rained and someone drove all over it and dug huge tracks and ruts through it.

We were smart this time.

A guys day out in the woods!

Friday, June 27, 2008


I am so sick! I hate being sick.
Lucky for me I have been blessed with a wonderful family and group of friends to help me out.
We are gonna have our 3rd and the due date is Feb 4
i'll write more when i feel a little better.
sorry for being such a whimp

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What does the Donkey Say?

The Old
So this is the old tricycle which Bodee loves. it is just his size and if we had a path in the back yard i'm sure he could make it go. He likes to be pushed around on it
(or any other thing that has wheels on it).
Notice the back wheels, they are from one of Jeremy's compressors. The original wheels fell off some how and Ave didn't want to get off so this was the temp. fix and for some reason we never changed it.

The New

thanks to daddy! this is the new tricycle. Notice the large off roading wheels and tires. of course it is too big for Bodee but Ave sure enjoys getting around on it.

And you ask,

so what did we do with the old one?

kept it! Bodee likes it better, compressor wheels and all!

Home Made!

okay so i know it is lumpy, but it sure tastes yummy!

I decided to break in my new bread pans, this is the result.

I was searching for a good white bread recipe, i have some good wheat and multi grain recipes but i didn't have a good white one till now!