Friday, January 22, 2010

-dessert tonight-

Just made "Chocolate Mint Brownie Cookies" from The Prepared Pantry ( My mom gave them to me a while ago and they have been sitting on my pantry shelf, tempting me. So tonight as I was waiting for dinner to finish baking, I pulled them out and whipped them up. YUM and Oh so easy.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Sunbeam

Bo is a sunbeam!

Holy crow, how did that happen

Yum Cake!

Tonight I made some
"rainbow / san fran cake" (that is jeremy's addition, he also calls it our gay or lesbian cake)( comment).
So the picture isn't great, sorry! but it was delish and pretty all at the same time
(no comment on the yucky dyes used to make the cake that color)

We had Nana and Pa-j over for cake and a long game of UNO attack, yeah that's the one where it spits the cards at you when you are just about to get rid of all your cards. So fun yet irritating at the same time.
What a wonderful Sunday evening!