Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We woke up to this... which would normally be good

and these boys were up at 7:30 ready to go... and I stayed up late to make these to eat on the way...

up to the mountain to go skiing. but... with the snow and the way others drive around this town and the fact that we are picking parents up at the airport in a few hours we decided it was safer to wait... at least we can still eat ... yum

Thankyou Santa

For Christmas Santa brought me a camera. I have been without one since October when mine became water logged. I am so excited!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Louie

a best friend, protector, cuddly 70 pound puppy, loving no matter what i do wrong, lovable no matter what he did wrong, sweet boy, my first child, athletic buff boxer, full of hugs and licks, long runs and hikes, lap dog, loyal trampoline jumper with the boys, ready to play keep away from Rozzie with her ball, follower, garden helper, ride with dad to work, loved to sit shot gun, camping buddy, "bird dog" that is if you consider catching them in mid air or instead of flushing them he'd just catch them , rock lover (didn't hardly have teeth because of rocks), front door greeter, door bell, loved to play hide and seek, sneak up on the bed,
I love this dog! Love, love, love and miss miss miss him. I never realized how much he followed me around until now, he isn't there. It feels so empty here in this home without him. My heart just aches. He left us very suddenly today. I think that is why I am so sad, I wasn't prepared. We are all sad. He was happy active and healthy yesterday and even at breakfast this morning... and now he is gone...
We miss you Lou!