Sunday, May 30, 2010

Something I never thought my boys would have...

I never thought my boys would have mohawks. Well the day has come... Daddy gave the hair cuts tonight as I put C to bed. Ave didn't get one just B. ( try to look past the the smore pie that is still all over his face)

Monday, May 10, 2010

mmmmmmmmmm chocolate crinkles!

One of my all time favorite cookies is the chocolate crinkle. I remember Mom making these after all of us kids were in bed. It's no wonder why she had to do that, they are delish. I made some today and the "boys" finished off a tray (10) of them (with a little help from me).
I also remember sneeking out of my bed at night and taking some of the warm cookies off the cooling racks when she wasn't watching.
So here's to chocolate crinkles and Mom (for trying to make them without us finishing them before they could be used for lunches the next day)
soo very good

Just finishing it off.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

water, mud and what more mud...

Saturday we had a family day. It was long overdue. We headed to Idaho, spent some time down by the water, which is always a favorite of the boys. So many rocks and sticks to throw in we could have stayed for hours!

After our time at the lake we headed down the road ...
for some ...
fun in the mud?
OK so we started pretty clean, all was well
till we had to cross this stream.
Jer was wearing somewhat water resistant boots and I was just in shoes (nothing fit for walking through water). J decided that he would carry us all across. So up first were Carli and I. We got half way across the stream and I slipped off his back and got terribly wet anyway! Feet, bum and all.

Here he is bringing the boys across the stream.

After the stream crossing ...
the rest of the trail was full of mud puddles which of course you need to sit down in.
as shown here by Bo.
I have to say, after I was muddy and wet it was a lot more fun.
Just letting loose and playing in the puddles with the boys.

What a blast!

Carli was the only one who stayed clean.

This is a picture of the first stream we crossed.
As you can see it had some rocks to step on.
That made crossing a little easier.

These were my jeans after the ordeal.
That was not fun, driving home for an hour in wet pants.

Ah, sleeping boys after a long day of play!

I'd do it all again (mud and all) next weekend!