Sunday, October 25, 2009

Greenbluff fun with Nana

Carli and Nana sat together while the boys and I did the corn maze up in Greenbluff. I am surprised that this picture turned out so well considering they were running around crazy, it was a little challenging to keep them together. We had to take turns deciding which way to go. We made it to the end ... eventually! What fun the boys had. I think their favorite part was the pirate ship you could climb on at the end.
This was the train ride, I absolutely think this is the cutest picture of Nana and Ave!

Oh yeah, i was there really!

Of course we had to get a pumpkin for each of the kids. I told Ave he could get any pumpkin he wanted but he had to be able to put it into the barrel. So he got this huge one in, and then like 5 minutes later he changed his mind, so i helped to get it out and he picked a different one, (about the same size) but because he put the first one in and he was SOOOOOOOOOOO tired, I helped with the second one.

This is Bo's selection, a little bit more modest in his selection!

They picked out a pumpkin for Carli together, with out any arguing either!
We ended the day with caramel apples, yum, then hurried home to prepare for Jake and Matts surprise party!
What a fun day we had and I am so glad Nana got to come with us and share in the fun!


Dustin and Maren said...

How fun. We have not done any sort of fun fall thing. Maybe that's because we don't really have "autumn" in Texas! It looks beautiful, though!